iOverlander is a must have app and is also available on webpage – it is also included in the Garmin Overlander and is a database of overnight places which covers the whole world. You will not only find all kinds of places to stay overnight, but also information on border crossings, restaurants, insurance, drinking water, propane gas filling and much more. The data is based on entries by travelers, which are also encouraged to share their experiences through feedback and add other places. As a best practice when you chose an overnight place, check when it was last updated with user comments to ensure the place is still allowed to stay or to avoid any other surprises

Search for iOverlander in the App store or Play store or use the links here to check out our iPhone and Android apps.

With the app, you can:

  • Find nearby places on a map or in a list view.
  • See all of the amenities, descriptions and overlanders’ reviews of each place.
  • Add new places to our database, including photos.
  • Leave comments and reviews on places already in our database.
  • Update existing information: campground closed? owners added wifi?
  • See a history of your reviews to know where you have been.
  • Except for viewing the map, all of these features will work offline. You will be prompted to sync when you are next online.

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