Lifesaver water filter

With Lifesaver water filters you have safe, clean drinking water everywhere. It offers ultimate protection against 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites. In addition, the water filter filters chemicals, heavy metals and microplastics. Mostly we fill our water tanks in the camper and car on places marked in the iOverlander app and might add some drops of Katadyn Micropur Classic into the tanks. In addition, we use an Inline water filter in the four wheel camper cabin. However, when we use water for cooking or drinking, we filter it all the time through the Lifesaver water filter. In case you do not have any public water pipe source available you can also fill you Lifesaver jerry with rain water, water from lakes or rivers and your Lifesaver makes the dirty water clean and drinkable.


The Quick Barbe is a great addition to any overlanding kit, whether you want to cook a meal or just light a fire for the atmosphere at any campsite, Quick Barbe is the answer. It is ready in seconds and takes off just as easily. The Quick Barbe is made of stainless steel with only a few moving parts for a long life.


We love our Helinox Two folding chair as they are quick and easy to set up. Load capacity up to 145 kg. The Chair Two from Helinox combines comfort with an extremely light weight, creating a comfortable camping chair. The aluminum frame is quick and easy to assemble and the seat is easy to clean. Weighing 960 g, you can take the chair with you wherever you go and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable seat.


Thanks to its low weight of only 0.67 kg, the Helinox camping table is ideal for backpackers and campers. Two drink holders are embedded in the table surface so that drinks are not in the way when you need the space on the table for meals or games. The table consists of an aluminum frame and a mesh surface. It can be set up quickly and easily and can be packed away very compactly when not in use. The Table One is therefore a truly portable table for the wilderness.

Rough part table

The Rough Parts table mounted to the car holds also our sand boards. When the sand boards are simply folded down you have a clean, straight and practical storage table.


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