We use the Front runner cutlery set, which is not your usual cheap, breakable “disposable” cutlery. The high-quality cutlery handle is easy to hold. Triple riveted knife handles and double riveted fork and spoon handles offer special stability. Professional knife blades forged from robust stainless steel with black plastic handles. The forged steel blade is particularly strong and resistant to pitting and rust spots. The steak knives have high-quality, micro-serrated blades.

Cooking set

The Sea to Summit X-Set 31 food storage system comes in handy for camping trips! The set consists of a pot with a lid, two mugs and bowls. The material is food safe and durable. You can stack and fold the set into one another so that no storage space is lost. Ideal for two people!

Engel Fridge

Even we have in our camper van a fridge we wanted to have one in our car cabin for convenience (e.g. a cold non-alcoholic drink while driving). We went for an Engel MR040 38 Liter, which are the ultimate refrigerators!

Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide rely on the very economical and reliable technology. Most models are new with digital thermometer showing desired chilling or freezing temperature can be read exactly.

Coleman555 unlead stove

Why carry two stoves with us when the Four-Wheel camper cabin already has a built-in two-burner gas stove? There are several reasons for us:

  1. With the Gasoline Coleman Stove we have a self-contained, secondary cooking option. This is definitely an advantage if you unexpectedly run out of gas (we only carry a small bottle on board) and petrol is easy and cheap to get anywhere
  2. The heat output is much higher than that of a gas cooker, which is reflected in the shorter cooking time
  3. We love to live and cook outside when the weather is nice. You have more space and there are no kitchen appliances in the car
  4. Does not require a lot of room storage
  5. If one stove run out of gas or has a defect you can still run with the second stove

On the other hand, there are people who somehow do not get along with the operation and complain that it is difficult to start, and it smokes and that it is difficult to regulate. We haven’t experienced any such “quirks” even though we’ve been cooking with it for centuries. In addition, a liter canister of petrol easily lasts us up to 2 weeks.


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