We recommend having at least two credit cards with you and keep them separately, because it can always happen that a credit card does not work or stolen from you. For example, the card reader in the restaurant, gas station or shopping center may not recognize your bank card, or your card may be confiscated at the ATM for inexplicable reasons. At that moment you will be glad to have a second card.

Credit cards


Do you also want to withdraw money abroad for free and you are residents of Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Then we have found you a very good solution. We have tried different credit cards on our travels. In the beginning we still paid high annual fees and withdrawing cash from the machine was quite expensive. That ended when we found the Visa credit card from DKB.

The only catch to be fully free, you must feed a checking account with at least 700 euros/month otherwise a small amount is due. We have set up a standing order from another account using our Wise account so you don’t have to think about it every month.

If a Visa debit card is enough for you, you still benefit from a free card. The debit card is accepted in all stores worldwide and online, where the Visa mark can also be found. Each transaction is then debited directly from the account. However, for us it is important that we always have a credit card with us when we travel to book flights or accommodation.

Link to DKB


Revolut is a prepaid credit card, and you can therefore only spend as much as you have previously transferred to your account. To top up money, you enter in the app once when setting up your account which credit card should be charged. In certain countries Revolut overs you also credit without prepayment – please check here directly the offer on their page. The big advantage is that foreign exchange rates are almost at bank rates, which helps you to safe money when you convert money into your base currency and with their standard free of charge account you can withdraw money for free until a certain limit. In case you might need more local cash you might go for one of their premium accounts. We only use since years their standard account and are very happy with it.

Link to Revolut

Wise – International payments

Wise is an online account that allows you to transfer money, receive deposits and make international payments at most competitive foreign exchange rates in our view. They also offer a debit card which can be used to pay abroad using one of the best foreign exchange rates to your base currency defined.

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