Garmin Overlander

The all-terrain navigation system with a 7-inch touch display is your reliable co-pilot on every stage of your journey with vehicle-specific road navigation and OpenStreetMap maps with topographical data for the terrain. Start from home in Drive mode with installed 3D maps and activate Explore mode for topographic maps as your off-road adventure continues. Use your Garmin Explore account to create, manage and sync routes, waypoints and tracks across the Overlander, computer, and smartphone. You can also transfer your routes from Google Maps. With POIs from iOverlander and other important travel-related information and addresses are available to you at any time and even without a mobile phone signal. During the ride, built-in sensors support you with the display of the current longitudinal and lateral inclination, compass, barometer, and altimeter help you to master difficult terrain and to better orientate yourself in the wild.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers not only your route as alternative to a navigation system, it can also be used to document your routes on the website. In addition, you can mark places that interest on Google Maps (sights, restaurants, special camping opportunities, addresses of friends etc.) and use the information to plan your route. However, the website is clearly better suited for this, as there are many more options than with the corresponding app.

Google Maps is also interesting because it uses its own map database, often an important alternative to other navigation apps which are mostly based on Open Street Map and therefore always show the same map.

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Apple App

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The map base for this app is Open Street Map and the map image is very clear – hiking maps have even contour lines integrated. Navigation with intermediate destinations is possible for vehicles and pedestrians and offers several variants to choose from. The generated elevation profile of the route is good. Depending on the region, traffic information is optionally displayed.

When used online, you can switch to the satellite map. Offline maps can be downloaded country by country.

You can also record your own journey and your own waypoints can be saved. GPX data can also be imported. If you register with, personal data is stored and made available independently of the device. Therefore, you can plan on the computer and then use it on your cell phone.

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