It was for us all the time clear that the car must be fit to drive off-road for our planned world travel trip so we can visit even remote areas where a normal car is not capable to drive. In addition to that it must have a double cabin to ensures enough storage place, which can be heated. To cover for our Four-Wheel Camper cabin the car must have a pickup area and should fit into a 20’ food container. Further the car should not have too much high-tech mechanics so that it is also repairable in remote areas. All those requirements lead us to two possible cars – a Toyota Landcruiser or a Land Rover Defender CC130.


In 2021 we bought our off-road Land Rover Defender CC130, which had served as a ranger service vehicle for 15 years and was then a few years out of service with a guy who wanted to rebuild the car, but never done it. With only 70000 kilometers for a 20-year-old car, the car just started his new life. The vehicle was upgraded to make it suitable for long-distance world travel with a functional interior, a more robust chassis, comfortable seats, a 120-liter diesel tank, a water tank, snorkel, bull-bar, roll-over cage and a robust roof rack and some more features I go in detail below:


The TJM Torq winch is capable for sizes up to 9500LBS (4310kg). The very robust winch is waterproof IP67 and is equipped as standard with cable remote control and radio control. The 3.6kW high-performance motor with series winding offers a reduced current consumption and a lot of traction.


We went for the Goodrich all Terrain T/A KO2, which is a great long lasting all-terrain tire for normal and off-road use.


The importance of a fully integrated 4×4 suspension system is paramount. Hence, we went for an Old Man Emu suspension upgrade, which is designed for superior performance across all terrain. Those suspensions provide noticeable improvements to a vehicle’s performance, including load carrying capacity and control characteristics.

Battery system

The IBS double battery system protects against an empty starter battery and thus ensures that the vehicle can be started in any situation


The TJM InCarCompressor offers a lot of power and versatility. With the 4 connection points on the tank, the compressor can be used as a limited-slip differential compressor as well as tire filling. The accessory kit offers various connections.

Camper cabin

It was important to us to have a nice, convenient home while we are traveling the world. Pickup campers have the advantage that the cabin can be offloaded from the car if required and work independently. In the cabin a person can fully stand, and they offer place for a Queen-size bed. Further, everything such as gas-cooking facilities, water tank with heater, heat system, fridge and solar battery energy comes together, and nothing needs to be installed yourself.

We decided to install a Four-Wheel Campers cabin as they have been building pop-up campers since 1972 and therefore bring decades of experience with constant further development of these demountable cabins.

The Four-Wheel Campers living cabins come with compact dimensions and the roof is lowered when driving has a favorable effect on the drag coefficient. This means that the handling of the pickup remains agile and changes only slightly compared to the unloaded state. In addition, the fuel consumption remains in a low range. This is a factor that should not be disregarded given today’s energy prices, but it often provides the necessary extra range even on long-distance journeys with gas stations far apart. Furthermore, the advantages of these mobile homes stand out, especially when used off-road: The small dimensions allow you to master even narrow passages without any worries and the lower center of gravity compared to fixed wall mobile homes ensures more driving stability.

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