Shipping possibilities


RoRo generally applies to large, oceangoing vessels (car carriers). RoRo are good options for large vehicles that don’t fit in a container, and it is often less expensive for smaller vehicles, although you need to consider the safety and close things properly in your car before shipped as some overlander reported that things got stolen out of their car during shipping.

Container shipping

With container shipping, you drive your vehicle into a container and the doors are locked with a numbered seal before being loaded onto a cargo ship.

Regular containers are 20-foot and 40-foot. A “regular” car size (Land Cruisers, Range Rover etc.) will fit in a 20-foot container. Sharing a 40-foot container can also be an option. Bigger vehicles may fit into a high-cube container (regular container, but higher), open-top container (sides, but no top; possibly covered with a tarp), or on a flat-track (open sides, no top).

With LoLo, your vehicle is craned on and off a vessel. It works for vehicles that are too large for containers or flat racks that need to be shipped from point A to B where RoRo is not available.

Shipping companies

Seabridge Tours

Very competent agency for RoRo shipping of camping vehicles of all sizes and worldwide. Not always the cheapest option, but certainly one of the most reliable and with excellent customer service.

Link to Seabridge Tours


Organizes RoRo and container shipments worldwide. Usually quite cheap and competent. The availability and response time sometimes requires a little patience.

Link to IVSS




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