After considering a few options, we decided to travel the Panamericana. It is said to be the longest continuous route in the world, it leads from Alaska to southern Chile. We decided to start in the north, which in our view offered some advantages: In the beginning we would travel to countries that didn’t bring for us big barriers because we both speak good English. In Canada and the US would be it is also easy to add any improvements and additions to the vehicle and equipment to organize. And finally, we didn’t see it as a disadvantage either if the most expensive countries of the planned trip at the beginning. It was clear from the start that we would not simply follow the Panamericana directly wanted it to merely serve as a common thread for us. Too many beautiful and interesting places lie apart from it. We do not have intention of planning too much in advance anyway. The appropriate seasons for different countries and regions should much more to determine our route in order to from optimal climatic conditions benefit. First of all, we roughly determined the following: We wanted to start in eastern US in the spring to be in Alaska in the summer. For the one on it following winter the plan was to travel to Mexico and from there further south.

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