Longest Road on Earth

Pan Americana

Our next big travel adventure we are looking forward to is to travel the Pan Americana all the way from Alaska to South America. The Pan Americana, also known as the Pan-American Highway, is a road stretching from North America to South America measuring about 30,000 kilometres in total. We will ship our car a Defender TD5 130 from Switzerland to Baltimore US. There we will drive to Canada, visiting Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Yellowstone NP, Calgary, Jasper NP, Alaska, Vancouver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego.
After leaving US, we will drive south visiting Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica into Panama. As there is no road linking Panama and Colombia, we need to ship our car and cross the so-called Darien gap. Arrived in Colombia, we plan to visit Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and will ship then our car out of South America in Uruguay to our next adventure 😊

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